Ruth McMillan

Ruth, tell us about you? How old are you? Where are you based? Heeey, I’m 26 from Northern Ireland but now living in London, UK.

Do you have memories of your first interest in art? When was it? Which art was it? I think it would be the cartoons that i watched as a child such as Spider-man, The Flintstones and Droopy, and also Marvel and DC comic books and the Beano.

Did you study art at school? Only until I was about 15, I had no interest in the way art was taught at school, then I came back to art about 4 years ago again.

Could you describe your work for us? I feel that my work is raw, often with a naturally controlled messy style.

What are your sources of inspiration in art? in life? I’m inspired by freedom, my joy at being alive, spontaneity, love and also God.

How do you work? Could you describe your creative process? I like to work fast and without any breaks in hope of the work being more pure and honest.

You describe yourself as an artist, a photographer and a poet? Do you have any preferences about these forms of expression? I see myself primarily as an artist which works in many areas.

What are you doing now? I just finished eating my dinner of sausages and scrambled eggs, and I am listening to jazz radio.

What do you do on sundays? Usually my girlfriend and I buy some buns and eat them in the morning with coffee, then in the afternoon and evening we go into central London to walk around and explore and take photographs.

Could you describe your typical week for us? I go to uni most weekdays and spend the afternoons and evenings working on, promoting and sorting out my work. I take the tube with my girlfriend to various parts of London as often as we can.

What is your favorite place in the world? I don’t think I have been to it yet.

What kind of equipment you use? Compact film cameras and disposable cameras.

What is your favorite book? This changes often because I read a lot, but at the moment, it is ‘Dharma Bums’ by Jack Kerouac.

What are your plans for the future? To always work hard and hopefully be able to make a living from my work, and to travel a lot and document it within my art.

Are you working on any particular projects right now? I am working on painting portraits and developing that, also as always continuing to photograph life, writing new poems and a new photography blog/group called ‘Endless, However’ which I am running with my girlfriend.